Marriage affects women economic wealth more than men?

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Back in the 1970s earning PhD’s was mostly a manly thing. But now both women and men are equally earning the same degrees and making a decent amount of money. So why does marriage affect women economic wealth more than men you ask?


When examining demographic and graduate school factors associated with salary growth during the early career years, we found that marriage was significantly associated with salary growth, with those who were married at the time they earned their degree experiencing roughly 15 percent higher salary growth over the first five years of their careers. For males, getting married within the first five years after graduation was associated with a 25 percent salary growth premium relative to other males. For females, however, getting married was associated with a 23 percent salary growth penalty relative to other females, perhaps reflecting compromises incurred in a two-career job search.

However, this statistics aren’t nearly accurate. Women like Marissa Mayar the CEO of yahoo, is making more money than her husband wish he ever had, so don’t get to worried.

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