High Demand on Marijauna in Colorado

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Since Marijuana has become a huge topic. I thought I’d add some more data to the mix. I think it’s pretty obvious that making marijuana legal, as in Colorado, will increase usage. Same went with California when they made it legalized a few years ago. Remember high demand on products would cause workers to supply it more faster than usual which is not normal. The ending result might lead to financial problem due to the decrease of marijuana.

The fears of a widespread recreational marijuana shortage in Colorado may have been premature for most shops making the historic first legal weed sales in the in the nation, but at least one shop in the state has run out… for now.

The Clinic Colorado, one of nearly 20 dispensaries selling recreational marijuana in Denver, posted this sign on their front door Monday, photo courtesy of WeedMaps.com:

But there’s no need to panic. A representative from The Clinic told The Huffington Post that the shop has simply run out for the day — the dispensary gets daily shipments of recreational marijuana to its store, so it will be restocked Tuesday.

Some Colorado dispensary owners were concerned about a marijuana shortage with the worldwide attention on Colorado’s new recreational marijuana sales laws which just went into effect on New Years Day.

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