Why your parents or grandparents made a big mistake of not investing on Warren Buffet.

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Today, I came across a video of Stewart Horesjsi, one of a small, but growing list of billionaires who have made their fortune solely because of their investment in Berkshire Hathaway.

Its incredible to think that investing on one man back in the 1980s will change your life forever

Here are Horejsi’s initial purchases of Berkshire Hathaway:

  • His first purchase was 40 shares at $265
  • Two weeks later he bought 60 shares at $295
  • Four weeks later he bought 200 shares at $330

Incredible to think that these were the initial purchase decisions that would be the foundation for his billion dollar fortune. Soon after his initial purchase the stock reached $1000. Horejsi kept buying. Imagine what a chart of BRK looked like in the early 80′s, having gone from a low of $7 to current price of over $1000. But it was still an incredibly cheap stock relative to its intrinsic value.

So Horejsi kept buying even after it immediately rose. And over the years, he kept buying despite the stock rising many multiples from his original purchase price.

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