Flying delivery drones are behind Amazons success?

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Ever wished that your online order would arrive faster? Well Amazon CEO Jeff Brezos has the solution; a fully automatic flying drones that deliver your orders less than 30 minutes incredible right!!!

In an interview with Charlie Rose, Bezos said  Amazon is testing the so-called “Prime Air” service in a “secret laboratory.” The idea is simple: just click on an order and an octocopter will pick up the item from the nearest warehouse and fly it straight to you.

“I know this looks like science fiction — it’s not,” Bezos told 60 Minutes. The audacious plan is still four or five years away, he added, and requires safety testing, FAA approvals and drone-friendly distribution centers to be built. But the machines can currently transport packages that weight five pounds or less.

The video of the concept gives an inspiring vision of the future: a silent drone, conveniently stamped with an Amazon logo, hovers into a spotless warehouse, and then, across on a plush field against a sunny sky, to seamlessly drop off a package.

Whether the drones take flight is still a matter of speculation and regulation. But make no mistake, the technology to make it possible is here. And Amazon, which serves over 225 million customers, or more than 300 items a second, around the world, is ruthless in cutting costs to gain an advantage.

Amazon wants to sell everything to everyone, and it’ll need a way ship it to them. ♦

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