Reasons why Apples new iwatch will flop in the market if battery life issue is not improved

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Since Samsung’s new galaxy gear smart phone reached the market it received horrible reviews. Will Apple’s new iwatch flop in the market too? Maybe, but unless they fix their battery life issue I believe it will be better.

Here’s why:

Battery life issues were brought to light in early 2013. Supposedly, early versions of the iWatch were only seeing a battery life of two to three days. This made Apple look into other screen technologies to help extend the battery life between charges. OLED is known for its better power consumption compared to tradition LCD screens, but some are suggesting that Apple is exploring options other than OLED.

As it stands, an Apple device (especially a wearable one) with a short battery life would flop in the market. In 2011, with the launch of the iPhone 4s and iOS 5, Apple was under fire for a slew of battery-related issues. However, a quick update to the software fixed the problem. Apple is apparently trying to get ahead of the same kind of issues with the iWatch. The company’s fans are notorious for their love it or hate it attitude. The iWatch is rumored to use a 100mAh battery similar to the sixth-gen iPod nano.

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