How our brains react to the virtual reality game DIVE

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How does the brain differentiate from reality to virtual reality?  Well take the 3D virtual reality system for example which was introduced in the international CES 2014. This new piece of kit is capable of filling players field of vision to make it believe that your in a new virtual world which is known as an illustration. So what does it do exactly to our brains? Well when we wear it our brain starts to make assumptions of what is happening based on priority experience and censor information. As a result it seems to trick our brains believing that we are really in a whole new dimension crazy right?

Psychologist  Richard Wisman makes numerous videos on how easy it is to hoax your brain with false information:

Dives Hardware:

The hardware is designed to make Dive is that they use two lenses place in front of a single display. The result, is the user seeing two slightly different images shifty horizontally which is also used to make 3D. However, this is only one part of the DIVE virtual game.

There is also a 1,000 heart orientation sensor, including gyroscope, and magnetic sensors all which provides slick head tracking with almost undetectable latency.

The future is upon us and we can feel it grasp to our finger tips.

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