The 3D printer is the real deal

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Can you imagine a printer that is capable of replicating anything similar to what we see on Sci-fi? Well a company called  Z corporation was the first to manufacture this machine making them the worlds leading manufactures of three dimensional printers that designs objects that you can hold on your hand amazing right?

The objects are made by special engineered materials that start out as powder that they add into a binary material that bonds the powder together making a beautiful flower post for valentines day. Now for the fun part, lets say you decided to make a prototype model of your spatula, well in order to make sure your prototype will come to life, you will need a scanner that will impute the image to a computer that will be sent to the printer to make your master piece.

Wait you can make print food too No Way!!!

Indeed, The Chief Jet 3D which is similar to Z corporation’s 3D printing machine, prints out delicious food which are really edible.

Here’s how it works: A rolling pin-like mechanism first spreads a fine, even layer of powder on the printing surface. An inkjet print head then sprays a narrow stream of water, drawing on the layer of sugar in whatever pattern the owner has pre-programmed. When the water hits the powder, it recrystallizes, so that whatever the water touches hardens

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