The most weirdest things introduced at CES 2014

If you were one of the 150,000 lucky participants at the CES 2014 then you must of seen the most weirdest gadgets ever. For those that weren’t at CES 2014 here is what you have missed:

1.) Dualo- one of the most weirdest instrument gadget that you will ever see

The Dualo, an electronic musical instrument that you wear around your neck and whose music can be controlled both by tapping on the little circles or leaning and back and forth, via motion sensor.

Can you imagine a composer instructed a musician to play the Dualo in a orchestra? The facility is meant to stay quiet, but I would stop laughing.

2.) Man covered in Tablets

Can it get any weirder than this. Honesty I feel bad for the man for one its probably hot in that suit, and two how an see?

3.) I refuse to buy one of these would you?


A team of engineers likely spent a lot of time and money on the design of my smartphone. The last thing I want to do is cover it in a case that looks like it’s been vomited on by Paris Hilton.

4.) Great way to stay healthy?


Most distressing idea for soda addicts: This Aullor soda fountain, which is affixed to a tablet and displays how many calories you’re dispensing as you dispense them, and also tells you how long you would have to run to burn all of that soda off. Maybe I’ll stick with water?

5.) An app can tell the weather and give us directions at the same time?

WeatherSphere, an app that combines GPS navigation with live weather maps, featured the following endorsement on a placard in its booth at Eureka Park: “I would be dead if it wasn’t for this app” – iTunes user Gamer Tag weedy bird. Because if weedy bird likes it, you know it must be awesome.


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