Ladies and Gentlemen lets welcome the New App ChoiceMap

Are you tired of getting stuck on a certain question? Well according to TechCrunch new app called ChoiceMap helps you overcome difficult problems by breaking them down step by step.

Making complicated decisions is an emotionally fraught process and (if you are like me) the whole thing can leave you feeling paralyzed. ChoiceMap is a new free iPhone app that helps you break down complex dilemmas into a list of priorities, rate them by how they will affect your life, and then uses an algorithm to score decisions. You can use it for everything from figuring out the future of your relationship to just deciding what to eat for dinner.

It might seem a bit strange to use your iPhone to make the kind of decisions you’d usually talk over with a friend or hash out in your head (or a journal), but there are already several apps out there intended to help you make sense of your feelings. For example, TechCrunch’s Sarah Perez recently profiled Feels, which she described as “the pro/con list for the smartphone, emoticon-favoring generation.”

Both apps can help turn a mass of frazzled thoughts into cool, rational decisions, but I don’t think the two necessarily need to be seen as competitors. We all process things in different ways. For some people, seeing the emoticons Feels produces is helpful. For others, the bar graphs and percentages ChoiceMap uses to rank and rate your options are the way to go. Of course, the numbers only mean what you want them to mean, but looking at them gave me a much-needed moment of clarity on some issues that have been causing me a lot of anxiety.


Top five addictive app games to look for

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Its safe to say that Apple’s giving the gaming industry a hard time concerning both Sony and Nintendo. Although great games are the driving force behind the success of Apple gaming, low prices have also helped.

Here are the top five games to look out for:

1.) Candy Crush Saga:

Explore the sweet and colourful world of Candy Crush in this fun candy switcher, where you can mix and match sweets in a combination of three or more, to gain points and other bonuses as you progress! Start your game on Facebook or mobile and seamlessly continue your saga between platforms. Your game play will be fully synched across all devices.

2.) QuizUp: The Biggest Trivia Game

Join over 7 million people who love and play QuizUp! Challenge your friends and connect with others around the globe in the largest real-time trivia game ever. Go head to head in over 150,000 questions and 280 topics ranging from your favorite TV shows and books to sports and music. With new topics being added all the time, QuizUp is sure to keep you entertained and test your knowledge for hours on end!

3.) Hot or Not! 

 a rating site that allowed users to rate the attractiveness of photos submitted voluntarily by others. The site offers a matchmaking engine called ‘Meet Me’ and an extended profile feature called “Hotlists”. It is owned by Or Not Limited , and was previously owned by Avid Life Media. ‘Hot or Not’ was a significant influence on the people who went on to create the social media sites Facebook and YouTube.

4.) Angry Birds Go! 

 starts off strong with a familiar character, a basic go kart, and a fun course with polished visuals. Despite the solid start to this racing game, this is one of those free-to-play games that quickly gets bogged down by in-game purchases.

The different racetracks are fun, particularly the ones that involve great leaps and flying, and various types of races are included to spice up the the game. One involves collecting a certain amount of fruit by driving into them, while another requires you to quickly maneuver around ice, rock and wood obstacles before the timer runs out and a bomb explodes. 

Unfortunately, purchases and sponsored ads are constantly dangled in front of you, interfering with your enjoyment of the game. This is a case where unless you make the in-game purchases, the the races quickly become tedious.

5.) Jet Car Stunt 2 

 same game you know and love, but with a bunch of new content added on top, and controller support. You might think this is just a standard racing game, but once you actually give it a try it’ll probably change your genre conventions a bit, to say the least. Your main objective is to get from point A to B through any means necessary, usually through massive jumps, nitro boosts, and healthy amounts of speed. Each level has a three medal rating scheme as well as a general score system, so you’ll always strive to get better.

three ideas that will make the new Jelly App a billion dollar company soon

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Jelly app is for taking a picture of anything and asking your friends on Facebook and twitter what it is exactly. For example, a picture of Mark Zuckerberg texting and driving on a $40,000 Black Volkswagen GTI went viral online a few days ago. I myself downloaded the new app on iTunes and I’m very impressed of how it is used. However, will it become the next billion dollar app like Twitter?

Here are three ideas that I came up with that will benefit the new app:

1.)  Add your friends through contacts:

As of right now you can only receive conversations for those that have the Jelly App already on twitter and Facebook. My suggestion is to allow users to invite their friends through contacts that may not even have  a Facebook or a twitter account, but has the Jelly app. Popular apps like Snapchat, allows its users to invite friends that already have the app through their contacts and you can invite those who don’t have the jelly app at all through via SMS.

2.) upload YouTube videos:

For users that have the Jelly app  do you realize that you can also upload images from Google? Well what if the Jelly was capable  of uploading YouTube clips to your account and ask questions based on the video you have chosen cool right? For example, you upload a YouTube short movie clip of The Great Gatsby and ask your friends how was the movie or who wants to see it with me.

3.) Promoting questions:

Promoting users messages would be similar to twitter, a billion dollar company that allows users to post their tweets on T.V. such as ESPN, CBS, NBC, and other popular media channels. This indeed, will to be the turning point to Jelly app if they decide to take that approach.

In a few year, their would be no surprise if the Jelly app becomes a billion dollar company soon.

The disapearing app Snapchat has triplets


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Clipchat, Poke app, and Confide are all works of Snapchat’s disappearing sensation act that is valuated to be three billion dollars.

Here are the three apps that you maybe familiar with or not:

Poke app: 

Unlike Snapchat, Poke does not appear to notify users if a message recipient takes a screenshot of the correspondence before it expires. In a way, this is good, because it doesn’t give a false sense of security. On the other hand, some users might forget that someone can easily turn their temporary messages into something that’ll haunt them permanently.


Clipchat’s interface is clean and more grown-up looking than its predecessor (not necessarily a good thing for this teenager-dominated market), and it mercifully has no purple. It also boasts a feature that lets users see blurred image previews. Once you press down on the image to get a clearer view, an animation takes effect to de-blur the image right before your eyes. While Snapchat prioritizes photo-sharing, Clipchat’s default is set to video.


Confide is a free message-deleting IM app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users. You can send text messages to any e-mail address, either by choosing someone from your contact list or manually entering the address.
To read your message, however, your recipient must also sign up for a Confide account and download the app. Viewing a message for the first time prompts them to do so.

Reading the message on an iOS device requires your recipient to drag a finger across the screen to reveal each word. A read receipt is also sent to you once your message has been read.

Top five online dating apps for singles

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1.) Zoosk:

Zoosk is the #1 dating app. Chat with local singles, let our Behavioral Matchmaking™ engine set you up with your perfect match, and start dating smarter with the online dating platform used by over 25 million people worldwide.

The in-app purchases are really expensive but its worth it.

2.)Okay Cupid:

OkCupid is the best dating site on Earth, and the highest rated dating app available. Get all of the great features of on your hand computer.

• Meet and chat with new people

• Rate profiles and discover mutual matches
• Find people using our powerful matching algorithms

Dating has never been so fun, simple, or free

3.) Hornet 

Hornet makes it fun and easy for gay, bi, and curious guys to meet each other and chat. Find great dates and make new friends with this FREE gay app!

4.) Badoo 

Badoo is a social network where you can meet new people. With over 180 million users, Badoo is great for chatting, making friends, sharing interests, and even dating! It’s free and easy to use. Find new people near you now!

Want to have lunch with someone new? See who’s in the same nightclub? Date or find love? Or simply chat with someone nearby? Try Badoo now!

5.) Meetme

MeetMe shows you who’s nearby, ready to chat and meet — FREE!

Whether you’re at the bar, on the beach, or hanging out at home, MeetMe is the BEST app for meeting new people near you!

MeetMe is for all ages, all nationalities, all backgrounds — EVERYONE!

More than 90 million are on MeetMe making friends, chatting, and hanging out.

An app that makes it easier for spouse to cheat

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A disappearing app called Confide self destructs your text message after being read sneaky right?

Reading the message on an iOS device requires your recipient to drag a finger across the screen to reveal each word. A read receipt is also sent to you once your message has been read.

After the message is closed, though, it disappears for both the sender and the receiver, which is the whole point behind the app. The messages themselves are also private and encrypted to protect them on their journey.

Swiping to read the message feels cumbersome, but the description of the app explains that swiping is required to prevent someone from taking a screenshot of the text.

In my testing, the process worked as promised. I sent a text message to another account. After I read and closed the message through that account, the message was no longer accessible.

Snapchat offers a similar feature, deleting your snaps after they’re read. But those of you not into Snapchat should find Confide a handy way to keep your messages private and protected.

Flipagram the next top app on itunes and Google play?

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Flipagram which rhymes with instagram is an app that   lets you create short video stories, using your Instagram, Facebook and photos saved on your mobile device.

We often get new third party applications that quickly become massive hits almost overnight and this has certainly been the case recently with apps that allow users to share images or videos to social networking websites, but the Flipagram for Android download brings headaches for many users of the app.

The Flipagram application has become one of the most popular third party apps for allowing users to create short and personalized video clips. A user can pick any images required from Facebook, Instagram, and the devices photo gallery to be included into a slideshow video.

You can simply sort photos and adjust the timing of the photo flips while also selecting a cool music track to accompany the video before sharing the video to your social networking accounts. Trouble is despite receiving a recent update the Flipagram for Android app is causing users a number of problems.

The main issue with the app for many users is that it keeps crashing especially when they are trying to record something. On the Google Play Store users have left many one star reviews for the Flipagram app and some have stated that the photos are left really blurry, but some users are not reporting any problems with the app.

Hopefully the developers will soon get another update pushed out to the Flipagram app to address any issues that are affecting it.