Is the new Mac Pro worth buying?

According to yahoo news the New MAC Pro is a very powerful PC that worth over $10,000 dollars. The question is, is it worth it?:

It’s hard to say if the Mac Pro is pricey, per se, given that there’s nothing else quite like it. There are plenty of Windows-based workstations, certainly, but none are quite this small or quite this portable (many aren’t quite this quiet, either). And if you’re a creative professionalalready hooked into Mac-only apps like Final Cut Pro, this is really your only choice: The new Mac Pro is a serious improvement over the old model in every way, and is likely worth the upgrade. So, while $2,999 (let alone $10,000) is indeed a big investment, it’s well worth it for people who live and die by their workstation, and for whom (rendering) time is money.


three ideas that will make the new Jelly App a billion dollar company soon

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Jelly app is for taking a picture of anything and asking your friends on Facebook and twitter what it is exactly. For example, a picture of Mark Zuckerberg texting and driving on a $40,000 Black Volkswagen GTI went viral online a few days ago. I myself downloaded the new app on iTunes and I’m very impressed of how it is used. However, will it become the next billion dollar app like Twitter?

Here are three ideas that I came up with that will benefit the new app:

1.)  Add your friends through contacts:

As of right now you can only receive conversations for those that have the Jelly App already on twitter and Facebook. My suggestion is to allow users to invite their friends through contacts that may not even have  a Facebook or a twitter account, but has the Jelly app. Popular apps like Snapchat, allows its users to invite friends that already have the app through their contacts and you can invite those who don’t have the jelly app at all through via SMS.

2.) upload YouTube videos:

For users that have the Jelly app  do you realize that you can also upload images from Google? Well what if the Jelly was capable  of uploading YouTube clips to your account and ask questions based on the video you have chosen cool right? For example, you upload a YouTube short movie clip of The Great Gatsby and ask your friends how was the movie or who wants to see it with me.

3.) Promoting questions:

Promoting users messages would be similar to twitter, a billion dollar company that allows users to post their tweets on T.V. such as ESPN, CBS, NBC, and other popular media channels. This indeed, will to be the turning point to Jelly app if they decide to take that approach.

In a few year, their would be no surprise if the Jelly app becomes a billion dollar company soon.

The disapearing app Snapchat has triplets


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Clipchat, Poke app, and Confide are all works of Snapchat’s disappearing sensation act that is valuated to be three billion dollars.

Here are the three apps that you maybe familiar with or not:

Poke app: 

Unlike Snapchat, Poke does not appear to notify users if a message recipient takes a screenshot of the correspondence before it expires. In a way, this is good, because it doesn’t give a false sense of security. On the other hand, some users might forget that someone can easily turn their temporary messages into something that’ll haunt them permanently.


Clipchat’s interface is clean and more grown-up looking than its predecessor (not necessarily a good thing for this teenager-dominated market), and it mercifully has no purple. It also boasts a feature that lets users see blurred image previews. Once you press down on the image to get a clearer view, an animation takes effect to de-blur the image right before your eyes. While Snapchat prioritizes photo-sharing, Clipchat’s default is set to video.


Confide is a free message-deleting IM app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users. You can send text messages to any e-mail address, either by choosing someone from your contact list or manually entering the address.
To read your message, however, your recipient must also sign up for a Confide account and download the app. Viewing a message for the first time prompts them to do so.

Reading the message on an iOS device requires your recipient to drag a finger across the screen to reveal each word. A read receipt is also sent to you once your message has been read.

The 3D printer is the real deal

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Can you imagine a printer that is capable of replicating anything similar to what we see on Sci-fi? Well a company called  Z corporation was the first to manufacture this machine making them the worlds leading manufactures of three dimensional printers that designs objects that you can hold on your hand amazing right?

The objects are made by special engineered materials that start out as powder that they add into a binary material that bonds the powder together making a beautiful flower post for valentines day. Now for the fun part, lets say you decided to make a prototype model of your spatula, well in order to make sure your prototype will come to life, you will need a scanner that will impute the image to a computer that will be sent to the printer to make your master piece.

Wait you can make print food too No Way!!!

Indeed, The Chief Jet 3D which is similar to Z corporation’s 3D printing machine, prints out delicious food which are really edible.

Here’s how it works: A rolling pin-like mechanism first spreads a fine, even layer of powder on the printing surface. An inkjet print head then sprays a narrow stream of water, drawing on the layer of sugar in whatever pattern the owner has pre-programmed. When the water hits the powder, it recrystallizes, so that whatever the water touches hardens

The Olloclip goes wild at CES 2014

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The Olloclip stellar lenses has made a name for themselves at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show:

Olloclip has been making stellar lenses that slip over the iPhone’s camera lens and enhance iPhoneography with the ability to take fisheye, telephoto and macro photos. But there has apparently been a struggle within Olloclip about whether or not to offer an iPad lens. Now the struggle is over, and iPad-loving photographers have won: The first Olloclip lens for iPad will be available soon.

An app that makes it easier for spouse to cheat

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A disappearing app called Confide self destructs your text message after being read sneaky right?

Reading the message on an iOS device requires your recipient to drag a finger across the screen to reveal each word. A read receipt is also sent to you once your message has been read.

After the message is closed, though, it disappears for both the sender and the receiver, which is the whole point behind the app. The messages themselves are also private and encrypted to protect them on their journey.

Swiping to read the message feels cumbersome, but the description of the app explains that swiping is required to prevent someone from taking a screenshot of the text.

In my testing, the process worked as promised. I sent a text message to another account. After I read and closed the message through that account, the message was no longer accessible.

Snapchat offers a similar feature, deleting your snaps after they’re read. But those of you not into Snapchat should find Confide a handy way to keep your messages private and protected.